Astrology much more than just a signal; it’s a zoom lens that can help us understand who all we are and what the whole world is up to. For this reason so many people — including those who more than likely dream of turning down a Scorpio, for example — still find it helpful to work with it when searching for like online. As such, zodiac symptoms are probably the most popular filtration on online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Meet. And the women-first dating app Align single poland girl for marriage even incorporates a team of in-house astrologers to assist users locate their best matches.

But despite the growing popularity, astrology come with a lot of suitcases when it comes to internet dating. It can cause “zodiac shaming” — judging someone negatively because of their sun, moon or growing sign — which can seem like the digital equivalent of racism or sexism. And it can become confusing if you are swiping right and left through a sea of potential matches, not sure if you’re merely rejecting an individual because they’re an Aries or because you don’t think they must ever conquer their exes.

Hence if you’re a believer or a deep-rooted hater of astrology, all of us asked relationship industry experts what you need to know about using it when dating online.