If you decide to upgrade to a business-themed subscription plan, your two choices are Starter for $2, Team for $5 or Business for $8. Each plan is priced per month and per user and requires an annual commitment . While Dashlane can get expensive very fast for larger teams, its security features make it a worthwhile investment. You can try it free for 30 days to see if the upgrade is right for you. This password management app is available at the App Store and Google Play.

What is Password Management Tools software

The Family Plan costs $4.99 per month and accommodates up to 6 users with additional features. Business and enterprise owners can opt for the Professional Plan at $2.50 per month, providing access to most features, while the Ultimate Plan at $3.25 per month offers additional features including anti-theft protection. With cloud-based password management software like N‑able Passportal, you can oversee your customers’ security from a single, centralized user interface that is available from any device.

Best Password Managers for Business & Enterprises in 2023

The password manager can help you login in quickly with the convenient auto-fill feature without compromising password security. Administrative/Privileged passwords are literally aplenty in enterprises. Servers, databases, switches, routers, https://globalcloudteam.com/ firewalls and any other hardware or software, could have equally large number of administrative passwords. These passwords are insecurely stored in spreadsheets, text files and even as printouts and are shared by a group of administrators.

What is Password Management Tools software

You can also test out the Enterprise features for unlimited users with a 30-day free trial. Password Boss’s business plans start at a relatively low cost per user, which gets even lower if you opt for a longer subscription. Password Boss For Business is more for smaller teams, as it offers only the essential features.

The best password manager: 1Password

Look for a service that is customizable and can be tailored to your business’ specific needs. “Session recording capability to enable forensics and compliance reports,” is a key capability that advanced PAM tools provide, according to Dickson. With a PAM tool, you can quickly create and share a report of all privileged account use that puts auditors at ease. They ensure that when passwords are changed all dependencies—systems that are connected to those passwords—can still authenticate and connect. Hooks within PAM systems allow you to define what you would like to happen after a password has changed. Additionally, session launchers within PAM tools allow you to give people access to your IT systems, perhaps only temporarily, without providing them access to a password.

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Another oddity is that you can stay logged into only six devices at a time with the Premium plan, yet that will inconvenience relatively few users. Meanwhile, Bitwarden’s $10-per-year paid version has most of the features you’d find with LastPass, Keeper or 1Password, though it can be a bit counter-intuitive to use. The plan for families is also a steal at $40 per year for up to six people.

Best Password Manager in 2023

You no longer have to worry about sending passwords or sensitive information over unsecured channels like email or messaging systems. By keeping passwords stored within a password manager, MSPs can use complex passwords for their enterprise accounts without having to write them down on sticky notes or spreadsheets. LastPass isn’t the only password manager to succumb to a breach, however. Many Norton LifeLock users recently had their accounts hacked via a credential stuffing attack, with the company warning them that unwarranted access to their suite’s password manager may be possible.

  • Although the feature provides some convenience by autofilling the code for you, the result is that if an intruder gains access to your password manager, they can also get into all your accounts.
  • I can avoid the headache of having to remember each password for each web login.
  • This helps keep things like any particularly sensitive login information or financial information inaccessible to any authorities who may ask you to unlock your device for inspection.
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The term ‘administrator’ denotes Administrators, Password Administrators and Privileged Administrators. So, licensing restricts the number of administrators as a whole, which includes Administrators, Password Administrators and Privileged Administrators. There is no restriction on the number of Password Users and Password Auditors. To get more details on the five user roles, refer tothis section of our help documentation. Evaluation download valid for 30 days capable of supporting a maximum of 2 administrators.


One downside to Keeper is the lack of a free subscription tier offered by Bitwarden and Dashlane. That said, you can give Keeper a try during a 30-day trial period to determine whether it’s the app for you. Most people will like 1Password because it is easy to use and offers plenty of security, but it does have its downsides. 1Password lacks a true password inheritance feature and has lackluster import options. Dashlane performs all the basic and advanced tasks we expect from a password manager, plus it comes with a VPN, retains a history of your logins, and scans your accounts for weak and compromised passwords.

What is Password Management Tools software

Even without much IT expertise, I found it easy to add new team members and enforce specific security settings (like requiring everyone to use multi-factor authentication). Integrating the program into my company’s active directory software was also a breeze. I also like how 1Password makes it easy to set up two-factor authentication . By switching on Enforce two-factor authentication, everyone in my team had to set up a form of 2FA for their 1Password accounts. 1Password is compatible with a range of 2FA methods, including authenticator app integration , hardware security keys, and enterprise solutions like Duo. This likely means losing access to all of your accounts until you manually perform a password reset with each — not fun.

Hassle-Free Device Sync

Founded in 2015, Bitwarden was originally launched as a password manager. It is the only open-source password manager we reviewed and offers an impressive range of features in its free plan, giving it the edge over comparable password programs. French-based company Dashlane launched its password manager in 2009, quickly becoming a major player in the marketplace. It offers both a robust free plan and paid plans with additional security support for its customers. As with password authentication techniques, key logging or acoustic cryptanalysis may be used to guess or copy the “master password”.

Portable password manager applications installed in mobile devices can also be used as a way to manage and remember passwords anywhere and use them on shared systems. Although Keeper doesn’t offer free plans, a 14-day free trial is available for its Business level service. Keeper Business costs $45 per user per year and includes an encrypted vault for every user, shared team folders, unlimited device access, security auditing, activity reporting, and team management. Its big business solutions are more robust compared to other password managers, helping it win the enterprise-level category.

Keeper Business: Configures role-based access permissions

Although support for Windows and macOS platforms is given, several password managers now offer native Linux apps, too. The best password managers have browser extensions for every popular browser that can operate independently of a desktop app. It also offers features such as robust multi-factor authentication support, secure cloud enterprise password management sharing, useful auditing tools, and full password histories. While 1Password doesn’t have its own data breach monitoring tool, it does offer HaveIBeenPwned integration in its Watchtower feature. Premium plans are budget-friendly at $10 per year for individuals and $40 per year for families, which allows for up to six users.